Country music legend Dolly Parton is considered by some to be the queen of plastic surgery.
The famous singer-songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur was born January 19, 1946 to an impoverished family of 12 children.
She has written 25 number one hit singles including her signature hit, “I Will Always Love You.” She is known for her over-the-top style: sexy clothes, platinum blonde wigs, high heels, and lots of makeup.
I modelled my look after the town tramp,” Dolly famously quipped. Her Barbie doll looks have made many of her fans curious about her usage of plastic surgery.

Dolly Parton – ‘Enhanced’ By Cosmetic Surgery?

Celebrity gossip magazines frequently speculate about Dolly Parton’s plastic surgery procedures and her enormous bosom.  The truth is there is no need for any speculation as Dolly herself has admitted that she’s gone under the knife on countless occasions.
Here she is on Larry King Live in 2003.

She has always had a curvaceous figure but her bust size has been dramatically enhanced. Dolly has been open about her breast augmentation surgeries saying, “People always ask me if they’re mine. Yes, they are…all bought and paid for.
It is rumored that she has had multiple breast augmentation surgeries, to increase and decrease her bust size, and several breast lifts.
Dolly Parton may have had multiple facial plastic surgery procedures. In 2003, she told Oprah that, “If I have one more facelift, I’ll have a beard.

It is speculated that her facial surgeries have been extensive: a brow lift, chin implant, rhinoplasty, upper and lower blepharoplasties (eyelid lifts), facial fat grafting, Botox, chemical peels, and lip fillers.
Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a well known Los Angeles plastic surgeon told website that, “Dolly Parton looks as though she had a great deal of facial work done.
Fans are hoping that Dolly learns a lesson from her friend Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeries and doesn’t dramatically alter her appearance.

Dolly Parton Before and After?

Dolly is rumored to have begun her plastic surgery journey in the 1980s.  Therefore, we have provided a video comparison of Dolly singing her most famous number firstly from 1974 and then later in 2002 and finally in :

Dolly Parton Live in 2011

She opted for a breast augmentation procedure after losing weight and becoming unhappy with her changed breasts. Her naturally ample bosom expanded to an impressive size.
Dolly once observed, “I’m in showbiz. I look at my boobs like they’re show horses or show dogs. You’ve got to keep them groomed.” Some fans consider her altered appearance to be a grotesque caricature of the beautiful woman she once was.

Is Dolly An Example of Surgery Gone Wrong?

Websites that post bad plastic surgery stories frequently use Dolly as an example.
She is often featured on sites that show disastrous celebrity plastic surgery before and after photos, such as pictures of Joan River’s plastic surgery evolution.
Despite the concerns expressed by the public, Dolly seems to be pleased with her results and claims that she is keeping up appearances for her fans.
New York Magazine quoted her saying, “If you’ve got the money and you’re going to be out there, you owe it to people not to look like a dog if you can help it.

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