Hunter Tylo, born July 3, 1962, is rumored to be a celebrity cosmetic surgery treatment star.
She is best known for being an American actress, also writing and being the author to many books and has worked and made her name as a model.
She plays a role in The Bold and the Beautiful, being Dr. Taylor Hayes. The series started in 1990 and she continues to play this role as of today.
Premiering on March 23, 1987, The Bold and the Beautiful is a CBS-soap opera that portrays a family dedicated to ensuring success in a family-owned fashion business.
The show has helped Hunter Tylo reach stardom in one of the most popular and watched soaps in the world.Young looking Hunter Tylo (image hosted by 
Has Hunter Tylo Had Plastic Surgery?
To get her face more narrow and feminine looking, Hunter Tylo has more than likely went for a natural celebrity plastic surgery feel.
Rhinoplasty has helped Tylo to harmonize all of her facial features. It’s very obvious that she has used celebrity plastic surgery to get her face more narrow and give a pinch-look to appear more feminine.
Being as beautiful as she was when she was younger, and also a character on the Bold and the Beautiful, she is accused of keeping up this beauty with bad plastic surgery.
It seems everyone thinks that she portrays “fish flips”, shows breast augmentation, and apparently closely pulled shiny skin.
Her breast enlargements and tummy tucks have led to criticisms of of being called ‘shelf boobs’ on such a small body.
Many people think she has gone too far. Being one of the most gorgeous women Hollywood before, to now looking like a case of plastic surgery gone bad.

Hunter Tylo Before and After?

In 2007, even though Hunter has denied the allegations of allegations of plastic surgery, she has quoted in her own forum, “I advise deep chemical peels for women who want to resurface and tighten their skin.
Hunter Tylo plastic surgery before and after (image hosted by 
Even though she did not comment on her “fish lips” nickname, it was evident by looking at the swollen-top lip on her return to the Bold and The Beautiful in 2005.
It seemed very clear that some work had been done. Plastic Surgeon Dr Sherrell J Aston has stated, “In my opinion Hunter Tylo has an overdone surgical appearance.
Her lips are not natural looking at all, and her cheekbones show an asymmetrical look to them.
Heather Locklear’s plastic surgery treatments, as well as Madonna’s plastic surgery treatments, help to reinforce the recommendation that aging actresses to not go under the knife anymore.
Hunter Tylo seems to have gone a little overboard in her pursuit of breast implants.
Also, to point out, her lips were absolutely incredible before anything was done to them; meaning, lip implants and injections were just not needed, and take away a lot from her natural beauty.
By looking at her plastic surgery before and after pictures this evidence becomes more widely accepted by most people.
Tylo was blessed with good genes and absolutely tremendous lips and breast before any work was done.
As celebrities get older and go under the knife, awful plastic surgery pics start popping up to raise concern about our Hollywood actresses extreme challenges with ego and personality.

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