Jodie Marsh: Exploding Breast Implants?

Jodie Marsh,
a glamour model then fitness model whose name has become fairly recognizable for some people, has had breast augmentation in the past.

Essex girl Jodie Marsh never gets a good publicity. But if you take a look at Jodie Marsh's before and after pics would you agree with me that she does not look as disturbed by cosmetic surgery as other Celebs in our shhh! section

While that’s one of the most common plastic surgeries in America though, it’s what happened to Marsh that people should take care to notice and remember that every surgery, even simple ones, have the potential to become horrible things filled with complications, pain and discomfort.

Jodie Marsh: “I Wish I’d Never Had Them Done”

“I wish I’d never had them done,” Marsh said in an interview with The Sun.

“My boobs looked like they were exploding. It was so painful. There was green pus coming out of my boobs and they constantly bled.”

Jodie Marsh boobs (image hosted by is referring to the painful complications that she suffered from her breast augmentation.

What should have been a simple, basic surgery resulted in great discomfort, pain, and the aforementioned description of infection and bleeding.

Jodie Marsh boob job gone wrong

It was so bad that Marsh couldn’t work, and in her own words stayed home, depressed for nearly a year.

Though she has recovered from that instance, it is still a painful lesson that others considering the surgery should take to heart.

It’s also important to know that Marsh’s is a fairly rare case. Typically when breast implants are put in the body heals quickly and further procedures aren’t necessary unless the implants need to be shifted or replaced.

Marsh is intending on downsizing her implants, according to Make Me Heal, and as such an additional procedure will be required.

It’s also important to remember that with each additional procedure that goes on the risk of further complications and scarring goes up as well.

So what began as a simple procedure has since become something much trickier, requiring that the celebrity plastic surgeons bring their A game to straighten out the issues and fix Marsh’s breasts properly.

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