Kat Von D: Cosmetic Surgery?

Already the queen of body modification for art, many wonder about Kat Von D plastic surgery rumors.  A famous tattoo artist and television personality, Kat Von D (whose birth name is Katherine Drachenberg) first rose to real, mainstream stardom on the show Miami Ink.

Since then she’s done some minor acting work, and she’s maintained her fame through her work and through her associations with other celebrities (see also Kris Jenner plastic surgery before and after). While no stranger to permanent body alteration given the sheer number of tattoos that she boasts, there are many people that are wondering about the young celebrity’s potential plastic surgery decisions.

The biggest rumors flying about Kat Von D and her plastic surgery celebrity status seem to be floating around the changing appearance of her nose and eyebrows. Commentary like that seen at The Fab Life asks whether or not Kat Von D, who’s still in her 20s, has really made the decision to have her brows lifted and her nose sculpted.

The general consensus seems to be that, if she did have these procedures done, they were completely unnecessary given the already attractive look she was boasting that hardly needed a surgeon’s scalpel for improvement.

Kat Von D Breast Enlargement Consultation

On the other hand, this is all speculation at the moment although we do know she has had at least one consultation.  The surgeon agrees she would be a good candidate for breast enlargement surgery.

Kat Von D hasn’t confirmed any rumors as being true, so all we’re left with are people comparing before and after shots of the tattooed temptress and scouring the images for signs of bad celebrity plastic surgery.

However, unless you have some experience with plastic surgery procedures yourself, or you really know what to look for and you can trust the photographs not to lie to you, speculation is all we’ve really got at the moment.

Kat Von D, Before and After?

The rumors for Kat Von D’s supposed plastic surgery go back to 2010.

What the pictures suggest is that her brows were pulled up near the corners of her eyes, and that her nose was whittled down to make it more aquiline.

Are these the signs of a plastic surgery celebrity (see also Mary Louise Parker), or just the use of more conventional makeup techniques, though?

Any woman that’s ever tried to really change her look and the appearance of her face knows that there are dozens of tricks of the trade to changing perception.

And it is possible that Kat Von D used some, or even all, of these tricks to change the way the camera caught her nose to make it look slimmer (see also Jwoww plastic surgery).

It’s also possible that she changed the shape of her brows through careful makeup, plucking and shaving.

Given the field she works in, and he considerable knowledge of artistic expression, such actions wouldn’t even cause her to break a sweat. Of course on the other hand it’s entirely possible that she did decide to talk to some of her friends and co-workers to find a talented plastic surgeon.

When it comes to the Kat Von D plastic surgery speculation it seems that no one knows. But what do you think? Leave a comment below after looking at the following before and after photos.

This is one of those quickly evolving cases, where a celebrity gets too much done, too fast, and too young. Kat, is only 27 years old, but her excessive cosmetic surgery has absolutely wrecked her appearance. I’ve heard varying things concerning procedures, dates, etc, but I think I’ll do a quick run-down of my opinion concerning the situation:

As usual, we will start from the top and work down …

1. Kat’s brow. Von D has always had a very tight brow, which she accentuates with highly arched eyebrows (among other things – ie: facial tats). However, recently her brow is much, much tighter, and she’s sporting the classic ‘surprised’ look that comes with excessive brow (and usually eye) work. Due to the tattoos on her brow and temple, I don’t think she would bother with any sort of invasive brow lift (not yet at least), but I do think she has received some overboard botox/dysport injections as of late.

2. Kat’s nose. Kat has undergone at least two rhinoplasty operations, and one very recently. Some time ago, it is fairly clear that she slimmed the bridge of her nose and had some tip refinement. In the most recent pictures (the original one I posted is only around two weeks old), it appears as if she has had another, drastic, tip refinement, and the result just does not fit her face. The tip is overdone, obvious, and makes her nose look too small in proportion to the rest of her face. It exaggerates her other features, and lessens overall symmetry (I’ll get to how I think she countered this in a minute).

3. Kat’s lips. Kat has had recent lip injections. It is clear by both the size and shape of her lips, and by the creases and irregularities above the upper lip when she smiles. Not too much to discuss here …

4. Kat’s chin. This is where I think my opinion differs from other similar stories. I personally think Kat, very recently, underwent chin augmentation, most likely a chin implant. Her face, to me, looks much longer, her chin looks thinner, and there is a unique dimpling between her lower lip and chin. I think she did the implant to counter her smaller nose, and increase the proportions of her face. Unfortunately, I do not think a better look was achieved.

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