Has Melissa Gilbert Had Cosmetic Surgery?  Even an actress that’s been in show business her entire life isn’t immune to the rumor mill, and one of the results of this is the Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery gossip that’s floating around the Internet and tabloids.

The actress, perhaps best known for her role as Laura Ingles Wilder in the TV series Little House on the Prairie was born in 1964, and she has been acting in one way, shape or form since she was 5 years old.

An acclaimed actress and writer, Gilbert is the mother of two children as well. Despite this though, she looks extremely attractive for her age, which has lead some people to speculate that she’s had celebrity plastic surgery to help maintain her good looks well into her middle years.
A Nose Job & Breast Enlargement Perhaps?

Unlike the plastic surgery nightmares that the public has seen from Hollywood, such as the Heidi Montag plastic surgery debacle, if Melissa Gilbert is undergoing cosmetic procedures she’s doing so purely for maintenance of her already good looks.

The rumors, much like those relating to Halle Berry’s plastic surgery gossip you still hear, are that Gilbert has gotten a rhinoplasty (nose job in the common vernacular), breast augmentation and other, less invasive procedures like Botox injections.

However, far from the awful plastic surgery some celebrities have had, if Gilbert is going under the knife it’s with a doctor skilled enough to make his work look extremely natural.

On the one hand, the argument for Melissa Gilbert’s status as a plastic surgery celebrity is that her breasts have grown over time, and that her beauty has clung to her with very little fading over the years.

Since she’s an established Hollywood persona, the logic seems to go that she has access to all the best cosmetic procedures, so she should be using them.

What Do Melissa’s Before and After Pictures Tell Us?

Pictures of Melissa Gilbert throughout her life have shown that she’s aged very, very well.

Pictures today show a woman into her middle years with a smooth face devoid of crows feet and wrinkles, which has lead many to suggest that she’s been getting Botox.

Melissa Gilbert breast augmentation?However there are those that have been studying the shape and size of Gilbert’s breasts to try and determine whether or not she’s had an augmentation.

On the one hand her breasts are large, though not too large for her frame. She has had two children, which can increase the size of a woman’s breasts.

Additionally, since the pictures of Gilbert are of her fully clothed it’s possible that tailored clothing and bras help maintain the youthful set of her chest, which can be misleading.

Just as with her nose it’s simply too hard to tell whether or not age has been kind to her and allowed her to change slowly into an older version of the attractive young woman she was, or if she has been getting subtle cosmetic help.

Sadly, without a definite answer either way, Melissa Gilbert’s cosmetic surgery speculations will likely keep going as long as her career has.

I used to watch “Little House on the Prairie” when I was a kid in the 80s, but it wasn’t like it was my favorite show or anything. As I keep explaining to my kid, we didn’t get a VCR until I was in eighth grade (around the time everyone else got one) and we had to watch whatever was on and then go do something else during the commercials. The horror, right? Get off my lawn. (I also hate the new gmail format, and the new Facebook format, which means I’m getting old according to my mom.)

I remember Little House somewhat, and how it jumped the shark when Mary went blind and various little kids came to visit and wreaked havoc. (I just spent way too much time looking up information about old LHOP episodes.) Laura Ingalls was the lead character and narrator, and Melissa Gilbert, 47, is best known for that role. She was so young and of course fresh faced in that show, and it looks like she’s been to the surgeon a few too many times to try and recapture her youth. Melissa is currently on Dancing with the Stars, and Radar has quotes from a surgeon who says she’s had some noticeable recent work:

Melissa Gilbert plastic surgeon obviously did a great job. Fixed nose and breasts issues and left no tracks or hard evidences of plastic surgery. It seems – plastic surgeon was extremely skilful and managed to keep natural look and profile. What should be main goal for any plastic surgery, period!
If we take a look at some most recent and old Melissa Gilbert pictures – we may state that aging process did not change her a lot. She is aging very well. She has very few nearly invisible wrinkles – this is quite odd for woman nearly to push sixties. This may suggest of harsh Botox usage in the past.
Breasts look definitely larger and more rounded. Well, having two kids can boost up breast by a size or two, but what about new shape. Strange enough – thought.

Take a look at the pictures (presented in the bottom) and decide for yourself if Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery is a myth or harsh and an undoubtful truth!

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