Naya Rivera Seems Better with Plastic Surgery for Breast Implants

Naya Rivera is one of the young actresses whom rumored to have plastic surgery. Breast implants is closely linked to Naya Rivera and follow her career.

Naya Rivera is known by her appearances in many serial televisions and other TV series in America. Some of those series even known worldwide, and popularize her name. Some serial televisions and movies that have starred by her are ‘Glee’, ‘Baywatch’ and ‘CSI: Miami’. As you can see on the movies or serials TV she had played, those serial and movies are the popular worldwide.

Naya Rivera was born in Valencia, California, on January 12, 1987. If we are looking on the year she was born, she is still young and her career is shine bright. Her appearance is adorable indeed, so there are many gossips and rumors after her. Since she is a celebrity, media try to dig more about her private life and more news about herself.

While her character has achieved a lot of popularity and screen time in the television show “Glee,” there is a lot of speculation about Naya Rivera’s possibility of having gone under the knife.

The young actress has been in Hollywood for some time, and her proximity to and involvement with the entertainment industry has lead some people to suspect that she may be pursuing the ideal of youth and beauty at all costs.

Whether it’s speculation about having her cheeks and lips filled, or talk about her possible breast implants, the conversation is one that just keeps on going.

Did Naya Rivera Get Breast Enhancements?

That depends on whom you ask, really. Experts on plastic surgery gone bad, such as Dr. Michael Salzhauer told Make Me Heal, “Naya Rivera clearly has had a breast augmentation as revealed by her very full cleavage, and has had a nose job as well revealed by her perfect profile and defined nasal tip.”
Salzhauer went on, and Dr. David Shafer agrees, that it also appears that Naya Rivera has had facial fillers, and possibly lip injections as well, in order to complete her bevy of plastic surgeries.
Naya Rivera seems to have kept mum on the issue, preferring to take the approach favored by Demi Moore’s plastic surgery situation for so long.

However, with her remaining silent that means that all of the speculation and opinions, even the professional opinions, don’t amount to much when it comes to journalistic facts.

So where do you go to find answers?

If you look at pictures of Naya Rivera from now, and you compare them to how she looked even a few years ago, it does look like she’s been completely worked over.
Of course looks can be deceiving, especially in Hollywood, where everything is a red carpet trick of the eye – or nearly everything.

While it is possible, and even likely, that Rivera’s increased bust size comes from a breast augmentation, it’s also possible that weight gain and the right clothes could have also played their parts.
As Paris Hilton’s surgery rumors have shown, a starlet with an A-cup can convince the camera that she’s gone up to a C with the right lift. Also, Naya Rivera is still a young woman and her body is still changing and shaping itself as she matures, which might explain some of the fullness in her chest and face.
Other changes could be achieved with the aid of makeup and cosmetic professionals, something that Rivera will have no shortage of access to as a member of the “Glee” cast and as a regular in the acting scene.
However, it’s also important to add that it’s equally possible that surgery and cosmetic procedures are responsible for some of Rivera’s looks. She’s young and would have the money.
Sadly, until she breaks her silence the Naya Rivera’s plastic surgery rumors aren’t going to find anything resembling definite answers or closure for some time.

Naya Rivera is an American actress, model and singer born on January 12, 1987 in Valencia, California. She gained popularity by appearing in musical comedy television series Glee as Santana Lopez. She also made appearances in various TV series such as Baywatch, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Royal Family, Family Matters, Live Shot, The Jersey, The Master of Disguise, The Bernie Mac Show, CSI: Miami and others.

People say Naya Rivera must have had some plastic surgery done, because when watching her on Glee we can notice that her facial movements are rare and unnoticeable. When looking at her pictures it is not so obvious, so you could then presume she hasn't done anything to her face.

Speculations are that she has cheek implants. The reason of those is the difference that we can see when we compare the before and after pictures of Naya Rivera, before meaning her high school days. Although, those plumpish looking cheeks can be a result of a makeup trick.

There are also rumors about Naya's breast implants. If you compare pictures from 2009 with those from 2011 you could see the difference in size. But many claim that Naya hasn't had any boob job done, but she was wearing bra inserts since her character Santana Lopez has done breast augmentation.

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