Anna Faris: Cosmetic Enhancement Done Right
Anna Faris has had plastic surgery, and sources seem to agree that she’s done it right.
The actress that first started to gain fame for her role in the “Scary Movie” series, and who has moved on to “The House Bunny,” and will soon be in the film “What’s Your Number?” has undergone plastic surgery, and she’s admitted as much to anyone that’s asked.
Specifically she’s gotten breast implants, though there is speculation that she might have gone a little bit further than that, or that she’s planning on doing so in the future.

Anna Faris’ Surgery Pictures – Before and After

Celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong is like a fleshy train-wreck, but Anna Faris definitely got it right.
While comparing her enhanced looks to Marilyn Monroe’s plastic surgery might be a bit much, the starlet’s chest is more defined and draws the eye without being gratuitous or over the top, which is what a good breast enhancement procedure is supposed to do.
Faris has gone on the record saying that she’s very pleased with the results, and that she first got the idea from her role in “The House Bunny,” where she had to stuff her bra to increase the character’s cup size.
It was so fun to feel over-the-top ridiculous and sexy,” she said to New Yorker magazine, referring to the way she felt when she was in costume and character for “The House Bunny.”
However, when people start comparing before and after shots there have also been comments on Faris’s nose and her lips. Faris hasn’t commented on surgery on additional parts of her though, so the question is whether or not people are looking at the pictures expecting there to be more than what they’re actually seeing.

Why Did Anna Faris Get Cosmetic Surgery?

It wasn’t a career thing- it was a divorce thing,” Faris said when asked about her breast implants by the New Yorker.
When Faris decided to get her breast implants she had recently been divorced from her
first husband, Ben Indra. According to Faris there was friction as her career excelled and his career faded, which lead to their eventual divorce in 2007.
Between 2007 and 2009 when Faris married her new husband she said she had some “wild years” where she decided she was young, attractive, successful and had no one to support or answer to but herself.

Anna Faris plastic surgery before after? (image hosted by

And as such she decided that cosmetic surgery was something that she wanted to do.
In the end, while there’s always a risk that something goes wrong such as what happened with Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery disaster, Faris came out on the other end looking stunning.
While she’s always been talented as an actress, and with a perfect sense of timing as a funny woman, she was never held up as a model of beauty, especially in a town crammed to bursting with gorgeous models and sizzling starlets. Now though, after her plastic surgery, Anna Faris is turning heads and capturing our imaginations.

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