Beyonce: Has She or Hasn’t She?
As any beautiful woman in Hollywood that’s commanded the attention of the people for as long as she has done will have, Beyonce Knowles has gathered her share of plastic surgery speculations.

The former member of Destiny’s Child, who has since taken off on a singing and performing career of her own, is perhaps one of the most recognizable female entertainers today.
She’s also quite beautiful, and has been so for many years even into motherhood, and that’s made a lot of people start to speculate as to just what, if anything, Beyonce Knowles has had done in order to maintain her looks.

Has Beyonce Knowles Had Plastic Surgery?

That depends on who you ask, but if she has gone under the knife then the results are much more akin to those achieved by Bruce Springsteen rather than the awful plastic surgery that was received by Heidi Montag.
According to the speculations that float around on celebrity gossip forums and even in tabloids there has been talk that Beyonce has gotten her nose altered via a rhinoplasty, that she’s had her breasts augmented, she’s had liposuction and even that she’s had her lips and her famous butt reduced in size over the years.
The real question though is how much of this is just rumor, and how much of it is true?
Beyonce before and after plastic surgery (image hosted by
Since neither Beyonce or her husband Jay-Z have commented on the surgery or confirmed that any has been done, we have to try and figure out what, if anything, has happened via other means.

Depending on which plastic surgery rumors you’re tracking the authors will usually offer up pictures of Beyonce before and after the supposed surgical procedure and ask you as the reader to compare them.
However, what they might not mention is that a number of different things can change the way singers and performers look over the years.

For instance, Beyonce’s breasts could have grown naturally with weight gain, and their prominence in some pictures might be the responsibility of the bra or dress that she’s wearing at that particular event.
The shape of her lips or nose being different might just be as simple as a different style of makeup and good camera angles, since a talented cosmetic artist can make it appear as if the face is completely different than it was previously.

And of course having children and just plain getting older can also change the shape of the body and face, making a star look different than when she first broke on the scene.
Even with all of that though, it is not impossible that Beyonce Knowles has had some plastic surgery done.
It is not out of the realm of possibility even that all of the claims made, if she received procedures from a talented and professional surgeon that knew his craft well, are true.
However, given that there has been no confirmation from Beyonce herself about celebrity plastic surgery, we have to assume there is none.