Billy Bob Thornton: Aging in Reverse?
Billy Bob Thornton has been a recognizable face on the acting scene for years, from movies like the classic Tombstone to more modern flicks like Faster.
However, perhaps the most famous thing he’s ever done was get married to Angelina Jolie. However, many people have begun to wonder if Thornton has begun to follow her habits in getting plastic surgery to hang onto his youth, or to create good looks that some fans argue he never really had.
Billy Bob Thorton plastic surgery (image hosted by 
While he hasn’t come out and made a big deal out of it, and he’s garnered less attention because he’s a steady name rather than a big one, Billy Bob Thornton does look as if he’s had a little help from a plastic surgeon’s skills in keeping himself looking film fit.

Billy Bob Hair Replacement Facial Fillers?

Some of the suspicions are that he’s undergone hair replacement facial fillers, and possibly some Botox to keep his face looking younger and smoother over the years.
However, there hasn’t been a demand that Thornton answer whether or not he’s gotten surgery and it seems that, by and large, the public doesn’t register much of a blip on the radar.
However, an opinion stated at Make Me Heal says that if Thornton were to shave off his soul patch that might do just as much good as a cosmetic procedure.
Some people might ask why Thornton gets a pass.
Is it because of his second rate celebrity status? Or is it perhaps because people expect someone with his colorful history to have undergone a bit of cosmetic touch up between crazy relationships and over the top times off the set?
Or is it because the public only demands that those constantly in the spotlight lie to us about what they’ve had done and when so that the myth of natural perfection remains?