Bruce Springsteen is not a name that you may associate with celebrities and plastic surgery, but if you look at some of the pictures that have been taken of the legendary singer of late you’ll notice that it seems he’s turned back time.
The wrinkles in Springsteen’s face appear to have retreated, his hair is just as thick as ever, though there is still gray showing.
Is this Bruce Springsteen before and after? (image hosted by 
He looks a great deal better now than he did even a few years ago and some people might be asking just how that’s possible.
According to it seems very likely that Springsteen has undergone a plethora of plastic surgery, which in the end has had fantastic results.
To judge from the pictures, which is really the only thing you can do unless a celebrity comes forward and confirms what surgeries were or weren’t done, Springsteen has had a great deal of work done to his face.
There is suspicion that his eyelids have been worked on (a blepharoplasty in medical speak), along with rumors that his wrinkles retreated before facial fillers, Botox, or a clever combination of both used with adroit skill.
That, combined with some suspicion that his hair may not be entirely natural, has pushed his appearance back almost to the 1980s, and some would say even before that.
The Boss’s looks today are what people expect to see in good quality Hollywood plastic surgery; the only reason you suspect at all is because they look too good for their ages.
Between knowing what will work for your looks, what will fit your budget and trusting a surgeon who knows his or her craft, results like Springsteen’s are possible and even likely.
It’s only when celebrities make a mistake that they really make a news splash, sporting horrible plastic surgery scars.