Is the man who writes the songs that make the whole world sing, Barry Manilow, among the celebrities who have had plastic surgery?
Born June 17, 1943, Barry Alan Pincus, later to be known to the world as Barry Alan Manilow, is a singer, songwriter and producer.
He has produced and written many songs for musicals, films and most well known for writing commercial jingles. He wrote the jingles for popular commercials by State Farm Insurance, Band-aids, McDonalds, Dr. Pepper and many more.
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Since Barry’s first album in 1973, he has recorded numerous other studio albums, live albums, compilations, soundtracks and singles.
Aside from his albums going multi-platinum and having billboard hit singles, Barry also won a Grammy, Emmy Awards, a special Tony Award, and was inducted into the songwriters Hall of Fame.
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Is Barry Manilow Ageing Naturally?

While most people start to show their age as they get older, Barry Manilow along with other celebrities doesn’t seem to be aging this way.
Celebrity cosmetic surgery is very common for people like Cher and Steve Martin in an effort to eliminate the “sags and bags”. With the help of a plastic surgeon, these celebrities are fixing the flaws of mother nature. They want to look young and slow the aging process.
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They don’t want to have the feeling of looking ‘ugly’ or old. True, this is the case with most people today however, the celebrities being surrounded and in the lime light need to “look good”.
Awful cosmetic surgery seems to be what many celebrities end up with these days. For some it becomes an addiction with one procedure leading to more and more.
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One “lift” or Botox injection leads to more and more, soon creating an exaggerated look.
Despite being into his advanced retiring years, Barry doesn’t seem to show the typical signs of ageing. A more wrinkle free face and tightening of the facial skin suggests he has had some cosmetic enhancements to preserve the look of youth.

Before & After Pictures

By consider Barry Manilow’s before and after photos, we can look for evidence that he may indeed have had some plastic surgery or at least cosmetic work.
Some have suggested blepharoplasty, a type of plastic surgery on the eyelids to remove sagging, or repairs done caused from injuries.
Medical experts argue that this procedure that is responsible for some of the tabloid pictures which initially showed him with bags under his eyes and later in photos that show Barry with a fresher, ‘tighter’ look.
According to Daily News in 2003, Barry was seen and photographed leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills, sporting a white wig, chin wrap and sun glasses.
It was believed that Barry had an upper and lower facelift, at least a mini facelift and botox injections which is the reason why his cheeks seemed to be more puffy and pronounced.